Terminal cap STC

Terminal cap  STC type

・STC type does not return to normal color once its color changes.

・You can distinguish Terminal cap from abnormally heated one at a glance.

※The type not return to normal color partially also provided.




(1)Confirm the terminal is not electrified.

(2)Put electric wire through the Terminal cap.

Install the metal fitting to the terminal, and fit Terminal cap to the metal fitting.

(3)Fix firmly the metal fitting by a bolt or something.


If you find an abnormal heat:

(1)Do not touch the Terminal cap.

Turn off the switch of the equipment and wait until cool-down.

Then confirm the color have returned to normal before you resume your work.

(2) Please investigate the cause of abnormal heat and take measures.

(3) With respect to STC type, please replace it with new one.



(1) Please use Terminal cap only in a box and not be exposed by sunlight, ultra-violet or fluorescent light.

(2) Please keep and store Terminal cap in the place not be exposed by sunlight, ultra-violet or fluorescent light under the condition of 0℃~40℃ until the time to use.

(3) An arc occurred, replace Terminal cap with another one or check its surface and also its color-change by drier or something promptly (except STC type).

(4) Please use Terminal cap at around room temperature.

Do not use it under other condition.

(5) Only be used for original, general, reasonable and rational purposes and also be used by such means.



○The reason of setting ‘’75℃’’ for color-change is the following:

The degree ‘’75℃’’ derives from the regulation ‘’JEAC5503’’(※1).

‘’JEAC5503’’ defines maximum allowable temperature of terminal and junction as 75℃, and also defines the degree over 75℃ as abnormal.

※1 ‘’JEAC’’ stands for Japan Electric Association.


Applicable electric cable/model number

Thermo cap size

Applicable cable (sq) Model Number(MTC type) Quantity per a package Model Number(STC type) Quantity per a package
1.25 & 2 MTC-2 1,000   ――   ――
3.5 & 5.5 MTC-4 1,000 STC-4 20
8 MTC-8 1,000 STC-8 20
14 MTC-14 100 STC-14 20
22 MTC-22 100 STC-22 10
38 MTC-38 100 STC-38 10
60 MTC-60 100 STC-60 10
100 MTC-100 50 STC-100 10
150 MTC-150 50 STC-150 10
200 MTC-200 25 STC-200 10
250 MTC-250 25 STC-250 10
325 MTC-325 25 STC-325 10
  • Please select the color (Red, Yellow, Blue, Black(※MTC type only) ) certainly in order.


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