Non-combustible Covering Sheet

Name of product

Non-combustible Covering Sheet



☆ This is a Non-combustible Covering Sheet  which is noncombustible, insulating at a voltage

(below 600V) and anti-pressure (shock).

・It gives measures against sparks caused by welding, electric shock and pressure shock to

itself caused from falling objects by accident.


☆ Connectable each other

・You can connect each Covering Sheet with Velcro Tape (※) attached on each side of the sheet.

Coverable range can be adjusted according to the case.

※Registered by Velcro Industries B.V.

☆ Non-combustibility up to 1000℃ [1832F]



Lay or put Non-combustible Covering Sheet onto the area you want to protect when you work.









Name Size Thickness (mm) [in] Voltage-resistance

or insulation

Non-combustibility Pressure-shock resistance
Non-combustible Covering Sheet

A type

450×450 t: Approx. 0.5

[17.72×17.72  t:0.02]

600V (low voltage) Softening Point:

Approx. 1300℃


Non-combustible Covering Sheet

B type

450×450 t: Approx. 3.0

[17.72 ×17.72  t:0.12]


A type

Glass cloth

(Silicon coating (both side))


B type


Glass cloth

(Silicon coating (front side))


(1) Do not use Non-combustible Covering Sheet  against following object or area:

(a)Sharp object may damage it;

(b)High-voltage area (above 600V)

(2) Please check no hole, split or any other damages on Non-combustible Covering Sheet before use.

If you find such damage, please replace it with new one promptly.

(3) Velcro Tape has male part and female part.

When you connect, put male part to female part.

(4) In operation, please establish security measures when using Non-combustible Covering Sheet .

(5) Please check voltage-resistance periodically according to applicable laws or regulations.

(6)Use it only for original, general, reasonable and rational purposes and also not use it for the

other purpose.

(7) Non-combustible Covering Sheet complies with Applicable Japanese laws, regulations or standards.

SYSTEC Corp. does not guarantee any compliance against any laws, regulations or standards

in any other counties, states or regions.

(8) This is the goods which assists or promotes safety, conveniences and protection of the worker,

users or facilities but not guarantee the worker, users and facilities against any accident and

any damage.

Therefore, SYSTEC Corp. is not liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, incidental or

special damages arising from itself or from using it.

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MTO (Make To Order)

Please contact us for price.


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