Drilling Chip Catcher

Name of product

Drilling Chip Catcher


☆This is a Drilling Chip Catcher which prevents the chips from being scattered

when you use a drill.

・It’s one of measures against fire accidents caused by the chips scattered into the

electric equipments.


☆Easy to attach

・Very easy to attach to the object with its magnet part


☆Convenient for carry

・The cup part is made from flexible silicone.

You can fold Drilling Chip Catcher up to a compact size and carry it easily.



(1) Try to stick magnet part to the area around you want to make a hole.

Dust and oil should be removed in advance.

(2) Put it by its magnet part to the back side of a plate on which the hole is made by

drilling and cover it over.

(3) Stick the magnet part firmly not to leave any space between magnet part and

the object.

(4) When you finish your work, collect the chips caught in Drilling Chip Catcher.




マグネット部 Magnet part

開口部 Opening

製品の材質 Material

Silicone (Thickness: 1.3mm [0.05 in])


Name Model Number Size       Thickness (mm) [in]
Drilling Chip Catcher SKB-055110 φ110×120 t:1.3 [φ4.33×4.72 t:0.05]



(1) In operation, please establish security measures when using Drilling Chip


(2) Do not use Drilling Chip Catcher against following object or area:

(a)Sharp object may damage Drilling Chip Catcher;

(b)High-voltage area (above 600V)

(3) Please check no hole, split or any other damages on Drilling Chip Catcher before


If you find such damage, please replace it with new one promptly.

(4) When you get to work, please fix Drilling Chip Catcher firmly to the object in


(5) Please clean magnet part periodically and remove chips and dust from it.

(6) Drilling Chip Catcher complies with Applicable Japanese laws, regulations or


SYSTEC Corp. does not guarantee any compliance against any laws,

regulations or standards in any other counties, states or regions.

(7) This is the goods which assists or promotes the safety and the conveniences of

the worker or users but not guarantee the worker or users against any accident

and any damage.

Therefore, SYSTEC Corp. is not liable for any direct, indirect, consequential,

incidental or special damages arising from this sheet itself or from using it.



Price List

Name Model Number Quantity per a package Price
Drilling Chip Catcher SKB-055110 1 \3,950



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