Power Line Detector

Name of product

Power Line Detector


☆This is a Power Line Detector which can notice visibly on a display panel for the high voltage

electric hot line .

Please use Power Line Detector by attaching it to a high voltage electric power line.

Detector displays the black blinking script ‘’充電中(means “electrically Active or hot” in Japanese)’’ on

its panel when attached power line is electrified by applicable voltage.

☆No battery needed

・Power Line Detector displays the script on the liquid crystal panel with the energy of the

electric field induced from the attached power line.


☆Indoor/Outdoor use

・It is weatherproof and waterproof with Enclosed type case and contains TN-type liquid crystal

cells and deflection plates.



絶縁電線→Power Line


締付バンド→Tightening Band

通し孔(A)→Penetrated Hole (A)

通し孔(B)→Penetrated Hole (B)

充電標示器→Power Line Detector


Incline Power Line Detector and push toward the direction the arrow above indicates and attach.


Power Line size

  • Standard size : Put a Tightening Band through Penetrated Hole (A) and fix.
  • Other size    : Put a Tightening Band through Penetrated Hole (B) and fix.


Applicable Voltage 3.3kV ~ 6.6kV Blink Cycle 50Hz: 0.6sec 60Hz: 0.5sec
Applicable Place Indoors/Outdoors Liquid crystal display TN liquid crystal cell
Attaching means Power line:Clamp &

Tightening Band

Bus bar: Tightening Band

Structure Liquid crystal display

integrated in a body with

electrode-plate of induced


Applicable Temperature -10℃~70℃ [14F~158F] Product life cycle Approx. 6 years
Script displayed 充電中(electrically active in Japanese)

(Black script)

Weight Approx. 103g [0.22 lb] for bus bar

Approx. 110g [0.24 lb] for power line



Applicable Temperature -10℃ ~ 70℃ [14F ~ 158F]
Shock Resistance Not exceeding 30G
Illuminance Over 30lx

※Liquid crystal display is not made from luminous cells.

Displayed script may not be identified in dark place or night time.

Please use a light in such situation.

Use Environment Do not expose Power Line Detector to (minute) dust too much.



1.Attaching and setting-interval

(1)When the power line is electrified, do not attach Power Line Detector.

(2)Please set each conductor and also Each Power Line Detector (including clamp) more than ‘’A’’ (refer to the drawing below) apart from the frame (ground).

(3)Power line and Power Line Detector of each phase should be set at intervals of ‘’B’’ (refer to the drawing below).

(4)When you use power line (lower than 6.6kV) and attach Power Line Detector between terminal and cleat (supporter), the distance ‘’a’’ should exceed 50mm [1.97 in], and ‘’a + b’’ should exceed 130mm [5.12 in].



A以上  more than A

B以上  more than B

C以上  more than C

D以上  more than D

端子   terminal

充電標示器 Power Line Detector

絶縁電線 insulated power line

ブスバー bus bar

クリート(支持具) cleat(supporter)

電線導体 conductor line

電線被覆  insulating coating or cover

クランプ clamp

フレーム(アース) frame(ground)


(Unit: mm [in])

Nominal Voltage


Outdoors Indoors Notes
Distance (A) Distance (B) Distance (A) Distance (B) ※      1 Reference to the book 「改定高圧・特別高圧電気取扱者安全必携」published by Japan Industrial Safety & Health Association.

※      2 Reference  to the Japanese Regulation

JIS C 4620 「キュービクル式高圧受電設備」:Cubicle type high voltage electricity receiver.

※ 3The values described in this table are  standard. Values of the minimum distance for insulation.

Please follow your own standard.

3.3 150 (※1) [5.91] 350 [13.78] 70 (※2) [2.76] 90 [3.54]
6.6 150 [5.91] 350 [13.78] 70 (※2) [2.76] 90 [3.54]


2.Setting Point

Scripts displayed on the liquid crystal display may be hard to be identified if you see them except from just the front side of the display, even if in the well-lighted room.

Please pay attention to the following when you attach Power Line Detector:



(1) Set the height of display to your eyes.

(2) Set it to the place suitable to watch.

(3) Adjust the setting direction.

(4)In case of using it for bus bar, set it at the center place to the bus bar.


目線の高さ Eye height


3.Attaching to power line or bus bar

(1) When you attach Power Line Detector to the standard-size power line (22~250m㎡), use a clamp

and a tightening band.

Fix Power Line detector to the power line with a tightening band (put a tightening band

through penetrated hole on the clamp).

(2) When you attach Power Line Detector to the other-size power line, put a tightening band through

the hole on the back side of the case and fix to the power line.

(3) When you attach Power Line Detector to the bus bar of the peripheral length not longer than

170 mm, you can apply a standard tightening band. Please consult to us in the other case.


(1) Product life cycle

For proper use, replace the Power Line Detector used for more than 6 years with new one.

(2) Power Line Detector complies with Applicable Japanese laws, regulations or standards.

SYSTEC Corp. does not guarantee any compliance against any laws, regulations or standards

in any other counties, states or regions.

(3) This is the goods which assists or promotes the safety and the conveniences of the worker or users

but not guarantee the worker or users against any accident and any damage.

Therefore, SYSTEC Corp. is not liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, incidental or

special damages arising from this sheet itself or from using it.



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