Lockout Attachment

Name of product

Lockout Attachment (for high-voltage switchboard)


☆This is a fixing attachment for a high-voltage switchboard against opening the door and turn-on by other person .

・It fixes the door of the high-voltage switchboard not to open and also prevents electric shock accidents .

It covers the keyhole of the door-handle of the high-voltage switchboard for locking.


☆Applicable to many types of high-voltage switchboard handle

・You can attach Lockout Attachment to many types of switchboard handle.


☆Easy to attach and lock

・You can attach it to the door-handle easily by covering the handle with this

attachment and lock it with a padlock or something.

It shows to the other person that the work is still going by the worker,

makes it impossible to open the door and handle the breaker by

the other person without a key.


・Small and light

・No tool required to attach



You can use it by covering the handle of high-voltage switchboard and fix it with

a pad-lock or something (※1)  you provide separately to the hole part ‘’①’’ indicates

Lockout Attachment (for high-voltage switchboard)




Weight Approx. 50g [0.11 lb]
Material Body: Stainless steel

Hinge: Stainless steel

Color Red



(1) Please check the Lockout Attachment and confirm no damage on it before

use.  If you find some damage, please replace it with new one promptly.

(2) Please use it only for locking the handle of high-voltage switchboard and

not use it for another purpose.

(3) This product complies with Applicable Japanese laws, regulations or standards.

SYSTEC Corp. does not guarantee any compliance against any laws,

regulations or standards in any other counties, states or regions.

(4) This is the goods which assists or promotes the safety of the worker

but not guarantee the worker against any accident.

SYSTEC Corp. is not liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, incidental

or special damages arising from this product itself or from using it.


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